"DigeTekS successfully integrated all of our systems on numerous platforms and created a five-year strategy to control costs and enhance operational capabilities."

The team handles all pressures well, resolves issues we encounter at all times of the day, and communicates effectively to our team across a variety of IT skill sets.

Bill Novotny Commission Chairman
Johnson County Government

"DigeTekS is a trusted partner that provides guidance on solutions and handles our IT needs, and have for many years."

They know our environment inside out, have our best interests at the forefront, and I thoroughly trust them to handle day-to-day projects or any emergencies that arise.

Rob Sims Director of IT
National Entertainment Network

"DigeTekS employees are highly skilled and competent, have excellent listening skills, and communicate with any level audience."

They successfully craft various business solutions that meet our critical priorities and budgets. It’s highly doubtful you will select another provider once you have the opportunity to see what DigeTekS does.

Shalia McPherson CEO & President
Trust Sourcing Solutions

"They give us peace of mind, which is invaluable."

DigeTekS provides outstanding customer care and keeps our confidential client and company information secure.

Cara Lawrence Esquire
Tierney Lawrence Stiles LLC

"DigeTekS stays up-to-date with all the latest cyber regulations, leaving our environment safe and secure."

We highly value the expertise that DigeTekS provides with their 24/7 round-the-clock knowledge and support. Their team is easy to talk to and our IT problems are always solved promptly.

Laurie Hansen Director of Administration
Johnson County Healthcare

"DigeTekS always addresses our concerns in a timely and satisfactory way, allows us to focus on our core business, and drastically reduces IT related risks. We can confidently say that we are a better, safer bank because of what they provide us."

The company is small enough that you know the team by name, but also competent to handle any IT related tasks or projects we send their way. Senior management is accessible and maintains an active role in day-to-day operations.

Nick Thom President and CEO
First Northern Bank of Wyoming

"DigeTekS provides thoughtful and contextual solutions."

There was instability in the self-implemented IT systems we tried to grow and maintain in-house. DigeTekS went the extra mile to fully understand our business and discover what was working and what was not. They identified our weaknesses and transitioned us to IT support solutions that fit our world, in turn making our technology more user friendly and far more stable and reliable.

John Jenkins Manager
Sand Creek The Ranch Preservation Co., LLC