When your internal IT staff needs assistance maintaining your business' network operations, consider our co-managed IT services. We don't replace staff; We make them better. We offer a customized combination of service and support that blends the benefits of both Managed Services with Internal IT.

Some problems that DigeTekS Co-Managed Services can solve:

You have one person and...

  • They are constantly battling to put out fires
  • You want to upgrade your network, but your employee's skill set doesn’t include newer technologies (but you’re not looking to replace them).
  • There’s a lot of work about your core business that they could do, but they don't have the time!
  • When they go on vacation, nobody can support your issues!
  • When they leave the company, nobody knows where anything is or how it works!
  • There’s no time to even consider newer technologies!

You have an IT department and...

  •  You have a specific need (like SQL, Exchange, SharePoint, security) but we don’t have time or expertise.
  • You have a specific need, but not 40 hours worth.
  •  Your department is focused on applications, not infrastructure.
  •  You can’t keep up with the newer technologies.

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"I've been in IT since Microsoft Windows was first introduced and have been in the industry as computers, then the Internet and then smartphones became normal everyday things for most of us. The most satisfying times in those nearly 30 years have been when the things I've built have worked perfectly for an organization and filled a need to help make them successful."
- Don