About Digeteks

DigeTekS, LLC is an Information Technology services and solutions company based in Colorado. Founded in 2005, and looking for a company name, the owners discovered the word digerati, which when defined means persons well versed in computer use and technology. Originally, the company was named Digerati Technical Services, and later simplified to DigeTekS.

Focused on bringing the most appropriate technical solutions to our clients, we have some of the best digerati in the industry today. We have remained strictly dedicated to providing consulting services. We are not a reseller, which keeps our team driven to design the right technical solutions to meet the current and future business directives of our customers’ businesses.

Another distinguishing characteristic of our practice is the fact that we have no geologic, company size, or industry boundaries. Our team has provided services to companies across the United States and beyond; ranging in size from small/medium, to large, to enterprise; and spanning most industries, including:
• State and local government
• Education – K-12 to University
• Healthcare
• Finance and Banking
• Manufacturing and Distribution
• Non-Profit

We have helped build new networks for young and emerging businesses, and continually assist with upgrading, migrating, expanding and downsizing existing client networks.

Our team members have been in the IT industry for ten to twenty years or longer, and have experience with a large number of client environments – giving them in-depth knowledge of many combinations of network platforms.

DigeTekS has two principal business practices: Consulting Services and Hosting Solutions.